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This almost always happens, but when I go to vote it always lets me on voting site 1, however every time I go to vote on voting site 2 it tells me I already voted then it usually says I can vote again in 5 hours instead of 6 which it should be 6 if I did vote.. any fix to this issue? Please help: /.

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You can only vote on the second site each 12 hours

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There's still a problem with it. Unless you sit with a clock to see exactly when you voted, then you can't know exactly when 12 hours pass. With first site if 6 hours haven't passed yet, it shows you "you need to wait for X hours". But with the second one, let's say only 11 hours passed and you thought that 12, you try to vote and it tells you that 12 hours haven't passed (on the site itself), but if you want to vote one hour later, then the EPW counter thinks that you DID vote already and tells you to wait 6 hours more! So basically you're waiting several hours extra. It's all messed up. And sometimes it's not really 12 hours, but actually 24 hours of waiting between voting.


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To be honest, I have this problem too. '-'
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Yes this morning I voted on site 1 and this morning on site 2 it said wait 5 hours 8 minutes 39 seconds. I just now voted on site 1 then site 2 still says 5 hours 8 minutes 39 seconds