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Offline Serpura

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Dear EPW-Team,

I have got a question.
Is it possible to put Pay Safe Card to the Donation?
Because PP don't work, and I want to spend some money. D:

Offline killer2508

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U think what serpura says is true, i want to spend some money 2 but trought paysafe cards it world be Munch easier to do for me... I think it would be a great idea...


Offline Ninja

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Agatio will work on adding new payment options after the patch has settled :)

I will annoy him constantly over the forums if he doesnt :)

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

Offline Agatio

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yes, it will be eventually added, I just need to set up few things for it

Offline No[Ammo]

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Awesome! Finally ill be able to donate some money.

Offline RoyalSage

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Cool so i can if i will donate whit pay safe card ?  :)

Offline Kilboy123

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I hope it will be here soon, I always have problems with PayPal and I don't like it that much.
I prefer Paysafe Card, it's easy and fast with less problems.
The faster it is available the better
atleast that's what I think of it :P