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Happy Birthday Kera!

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Happy birthday Kera!  :)) ^-^
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Happy Birthday hun <3
Have a wonderful day.  :normal-48:

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Happy happy birthday Keratin

My fav support member
Ur so good for my hair :normal-48:

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Happy Birthday !!! I will never forget the first day I met you. You were soo helpful <3<3 Maybe I should start streaming again, and you can give me tips ;D
You are soo nice I hope you have a great day!!!  :-* O:-)

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happy birthday  :P

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy bday fgt, gz for 13
Same bday as my cousin woau

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Thanks everyone. All so qt. :normal-4: :normal-23:

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    Omg Happy Birthday QT! Thank you for always streaming and being so nice :police: 

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And Kera be like:


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Happy birthday,Kera. :normal-23:

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Happy happy birthday Keratin

My fav support member
Ur so good for my hair :normal-48:
wow? :'(

i keed she best ty for teaching how to get girls

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Happy birthday young and small Kerad.
pitsid, saun, jupid, triibud
kingikotis katkine viiul


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Keratin why so good? xd

lol ma'am Happy birthday qt, i hope you enjoy your day.  :normal-3:
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