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yea me too i've decided to quitt epw due to real life reasons ;( i had a great time here thanks all the people i met in  this journey thanks xpendable , artifex , salvation etc.. i might be back 7-8 months later but the probabilty is low
thanks all (im not RQing cuz lost tw to artifex or anything similar lol) have a good time  :normal-36:

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Good luck with rl! :)
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Take care  :smiley:

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Take care Kyrios  :D good luck ir :')

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And goodluck. ;)
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Aww good luck and take care. :)
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goodbye poopie

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aw good luck man and.take care


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Cya and take care!

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Good bye my psychic student, i was proud of you and gl in your future +life
P.S i won't miss you hehe  :normal-25: :normal-36:

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You are a nice guy. Will be missed. bb.


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Bye sir, will miss you.  :normal-12:
Good Luck