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Xpendable wr's mass pk

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Nice video sir secret.

Good fight and thanks for pk  :normal-8:


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Heh secret carried us to victory :33
Nice video, good gameplay. :police:

IMFLUFFY- r8 demon barb
NOISIA- r8 sage psy
ABBADON- r8 demon bm
ASMODEUS- r8 sage seeker
Ascension- r8 sage sin
Krewella- r8 sage archer
ARKASIA- r8 demon veno
Realisation-r8 sage cleric
BreakNoise-r8 demon mystic

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Not sure why, but i REALLY enjoyed watching this video.

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nice video  :normal-25: always fun watching your videos idol

that was... long pk and I wasn't even there for the whole thing

kudos to those who lasted whole time  :normal-11: tho idk if anyone was really trying at the end of it

idk if I ever want to attempt something like that ever again...

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Nice video king WR :normal-3:


Long Pk, good video.


fun pk nice vid not fan of music though

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Nice video. :33
Inactive 4eva.

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Woau, this is the pk that i been to for 1h, 3h eating and watching tv, wow. Nice video.


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