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Close forums to prevent drama please.

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No point even having a media section or even a forum it self if the act of just making a video thread is valid precedent to close it.


Please explain which of the posts in that thread caused it to get locked. I honestly couldn't care less which faction posted a video, but if a GM/Mod closes a thread for no reason except for 'prevention of possible drama' then there's no need for the forums either because any topic can lead to 'drama'.

This is a forum. People will argue. It's just a game and in the end I'm quite sure that no one would go to someone's house to 'f**k their virgin mother'.

Stop taking the easy way out and locking threads before you have to clean anything. This is comparable to a school where the cafeteria is closed at lunch time so the janitors doesn't have to clean up the mess.
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Fight over a game must be awful, can't happen, people might get hurt irl.

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yea... seriously.