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Artifex PK 13/8/2014 - SHINIGAMI


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Artifex Vs Xpendable PK 13 Aug 2014.

PK was at 6 am for me, i was already half asleep so don't mind my lazy gameplay. Was a fun pk nonetheless.

Enjoy and thanks for watching.


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Awesome viewing perspective !
Great watch

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omg labs the ending  :normal-2: :normal-13:

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Didn't watch , lol

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told you it got disconnected

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these is the video that i watch awesome..
music is good
looks like your the cameraman.. great job
pk's good and the atmosphere is great... good spot
good job Artefix:SHINIGAMI

oh... is that PedroSner said :sad: :-[  :))
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Nice video , loved the music, was different but fit well ;)


amazing video. dat fairy tail <3

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Lovely COD montage & music  :normal-26: ft <3
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are


Nice music choice ...  :normal-9:  :normal-47:

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Another awesome COTD montage video.  :normal-42: :normal-23:

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I like the music ^^
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veri veri veri good video,
nw mail me 10k ec bro ._.