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King is back - 1v1 footage

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Hello, these are some 1v1s that i recorded some time ago, few of them being recent.
Enjoy ;)

P.S. Give it a few mins for 1080p
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11:54 Bam, Kiddo hacks, Rev disappears  :normal-32:

"Why am I so good?"

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11:54 Bam, Kiddo hacks, Rev disappears  :normal-32:

:normal-2: and good video, at least you remembered to turn on effects this time.

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Wew , nice 1v1's awsome gameplay :OO  ;)

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Leap at 12:53 is BIitzkrieg level, good job my student  :     )


You got so lucky in some of those fights lmao. Good video, good fights.

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Good video student of my student (Blitzkrieg) '-'

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Nice vid and  1vs1 action
good video student of >Risachu<


Idol gameplay both sides '_' PS: Welcome back king  :police: :police: :police:

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nice footage d***o  LOOOOL

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Good 1v1s, EA got mega buffed in 1.5 hitting 14ks without any spark, I couldve recorded 100 samples of you dying but I never make 1v1 videos, i should make one too looks fun


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  Good video, good 1v1s. :normal-1:
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