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So Brent made a new video.

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  • Train insane or remain the same
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God ea gaby, teach me please.

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nice video,  god ea xD


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Nice video , but didn't like music. :smiley:

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African PVP lol


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Great video and fun pk, good job Brent.  :normal-42:

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God ea gaby, teach me please.

Ok, so you start off with buffing your whole squad, then you prioritize purifying/buffing/healing once the pk starts.

 :normal-3: :normal-3: :normal-3:

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For real man, when do you guys do these dam pks?

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For real man, when do you guys do these dam pks?

We wait for you to go afk, then we pk.  :normal-3: :normal-3: :normal-3:

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When was that?  ???

[05:17:02] Aisling: oh my god Teru i'm am bow DOWN to you + all your future offspring that carry the genes of MASTER and LEGEND within them. as you spread your superior sperm to impregnante the mothers of your enemies I will stand back in awe at your utter perfection and sob when the realization hits that I will never be more than a speck of dust in your presence

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When was that?  ???

No idea whatsoever.

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African PVP lol

were carpet bro ? carpet factory was closed when that pk happend

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