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Psychic Gear/PvP guide by Mentalista - Remastered

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Hi, i receive many PMs per day of people saying "Ow i heard u good, teach psy pls", then i have a amount of students already but im not able to take care of all so. This is all i can teach right now for you. Lets start.i made this with love.

Mentalista what gear should i use??

It depends of your playstyle, what u want to do as main as psy? Kill or Support?

Killer way

To the DDr way you gonna need to get your stats around this:

115+ Atk lv
40%~50% Critical rate
75k+ Magic atk

The story of this build is kinda old, in 2k12 Daichi created the crit gear where he probably was the only psy with 40% crit base, where all other psys used to camp full magic, this was a hard time to get 40% crit, since there was no new horizons and no cards, tittles, meridian, etc. Actually this build is so far the best in damage dealing, if a psy crit he will hurt, if a psy crit a lot, he will hurt even more. Its basically the logic of this. Ive met Daichi sometime at 2k13, i was still using full RPDT gear+ATK LV, i just saw him on Worldchat and PMed him, then we talked a lot and talked about my conclusions about full magic on R8 be worthless and he agreed, i took his gear as base for my new gear and actually started spreading it till now that is so popular that is in around 60% of the psys and still increasing.How to go for it:

° 2x/1x Critical Rate 2% on the Chest, Leggings and Boots and 3x~2x Magic on Wrists(Crit+Mag on other parts will even better)
° ATK2+Mag/ATK2+Crit/Double Magic Engraves on Dragonchild's Scale, Warsong, Magic Ring and R8 ring
° Ascended robe
° ATK LV Based Sphere(32 ATK LV or more)+Crit adds(
° ATK LV Cards

Well, this gear is not actually one way to reach, u can reach the base stats by many ways, just remember to never let your mag atk lower than 75k and crit lower 40%, the rest u can adjust by your way, like if u have full crit wep+atk lv u wont need crit on gear, so u will have spare space on R8, its has many ways, so go for the easyer or cheaper.

In pratical ways, with this gear you will hit x2 x3 x4 crits, sometimes x5, well in both ways 1v1 and Mass PK, in mass PK the advantage is even more observable(Because of AOEs), you can actually check crit psys video on mass to see that dmg log is always full of 20k 30k 40k+ dmgs, crits are not rare like when u have 30% or less, you can really count with your crits, you will see archers with 70% 60% HP and think, "well i can finish him now and hiero him". This really happen.

This is the resume of my damage log from the 3 lastest videos on Mass PK

Support Way:

To this u will need:

110+ Atk Lv
45% Reduce Physical Damage Taken
75k+ Magic Atk

This gear is for you who want to give good supports to your squad and be able to dont worry to much with ppl atking u and beeing squishy.How to go for it:

° 2x/3x Reduce Physical Damage Taken on the Chest and on the Leggings, and 2x/3x Magic on the Wrists and Boots.
° Physical Puzzle Cube +20 Magic, Physical Warsong +20 Magic, Magic Ring +20 and a Physical Ring +20 Magic.
° Vit tome and Magic Tome(You need both)
° Ascended Robe
° ATK LV Based Sphere(If you get 2x ATK LV+Reduce Phy Dmg Taken its even better)
° ATK LV Cards


°2x/3x Reduce Physical Damage Taken on the Chest, Leggings and Boots.
°Physical Dragonchild Scale +20 Magic, Physical Warsong +20 Magic, Magic Rings + 20 Magic and a Physical Ring +20 Magic.
°Vit tome and Magic Tome(To fight AAs classes)
°Ascended Robe
°ATK LV Based Sphere(If you get 2x ATK LV+Reduce Phy Dmg Taken its even better)
°ATK LV Cards

Well thats the way to reach this, actually having 45%+RPDT will allow you to dont be squishy and still imbue damage on enemy, but your crit rate will be low, so u cant really rely on crits. On this role u will use bubble of life psionic link, shroud of shadow, phalanx, CC skills as main over DD, disturb soul, soulburn, those are your main skills, ive been for sometime on this kind of game, but the best psy ive seen on this role was Aracari. She really know position/time on those skills, to be able to reach most of squad.


Why dont go full mag(Video):

This basically speak by itself, the advantage is only 9%(With 10k magic atk difference), what isnt really comparable vs crit gear, on one side u will have your dmg log full of 11ks and some 20ks 30k 40k+ and crit side you will have your dmg log full of 20k 30k 40k+ and some 10ks. This all can be checked on dmg log of youtube videos from me and different psys.

We are on the script era, so u can have those two kinds of gears and change between it, i just dont do it.


Mentalista, what cultivation should i go, SAGE or DEMON?


Sage pros

- 10 Meters AOE on Sandburst Blast
- 10 Seconds on Psychic Will buff
- 20% Chance to give you extra 30 Chi on Lv 11 Spirit Blast(Keep it lv 11, dont get primal, it gives 40 chi, its like an extra Master Li Technique)
- Earth Vector 50% chance to dont cost spark(cost 1 spark, great in 1v1 to spam and keep the chi up)
- 1 sec add on Vigors, 6 sec charm tick on buff, 14 secs on debuff
- 6 secs freeze on Glacial Shards
- 10 secs on Soulburn debuff
- 15% Max HP heal on Soul of Retaliation (This really save you)
- Purify on Bubble of Life
- 3 more Atk LV on Black Voodoo
- 5 more Def LV on White Voodoo
- 5%+ dmg increase on Masteries
- 3 more seconds debuff on disturb soul(Can perma debuff the enemy in a loop)
- Dont run out of Chi, farm chi really fast and always have chi whenever u need

Sage cons

- I cant really think in any.(If anyone could and convince me i would add)

Demon pros

- 8 Meters AOE on Earth Vector.
- 30% chance to increase critical rate by 50% for 4 secs on Landslide(Melee skill).
- 20% crit buff for 15 secs on Tidespirit(cost 2 spark).
- Aqua Impact has 20% chance to drain 30 chi from the target.
- 12% Reflect on Soul of Vengeance.
- 75% chance to freeze on Glacial Shards(its tie on Mass PK vs Sage version, since its better to get someone running).
- 2% crit total from Water and Earth Masteries.
- 100% slow chan debuff on Disturb Soul.

Demon cons

- Run out of chi easy and hardly recover it.
- Landslide range is melee so cant be used on mass pk.
- Landslide range is melee so cant be used vs EAs(They are always far), Barbs and BMs(You need to be far from they).
- Landslide hardly work, so u cant really rely on it.
- Landslide even when buff work, may fail crit(and it happen alot).
- Tide Spirit costs 2 spark what is not a good combination in a culti that cant recover chi.
- Has only 8 meters range AOE skill.
- Its like play a lv 79 culti psy.

Landslide buff proc test


Well im not a fanboy for real, i have two psys one sage and one demon and just makes no sense go for a culti where theorically u can do tons of crits, but on praticals ways u can never use the skills that should increase your crit, i have looked on youtube for demon psys who actually do crits and i really find none. And even if i could find a demon psy who spam landslide on mass PK, landslide on 1v1 and spirit blast all day, he would never output the damage from Sage psys with 40%+ crit from nowadays. So its just nonsense.

On the video my sage psy with 40% crit only, did 40/100 crits while the demon psy with 30% crit and SPAMMING landslide, did 30/100 crits, imagine if not spamming it(like it happens ingame cuz lack of range from this skill).

Check all sage/demon psy skills here http://pwi.ecatomb.net/skill.php

Mentalista what genie should i use?

Well, in this new era i would recommend use the 100 Mag points/Rest on Vit genie, with this genie u can double expel, have some sort of skills, like frenzy, will surge, Evil ward and others.But the main skills psy need on genie is:

Absolute Domain

The rest is by your preference, i like to spam Frenzy all time so i have it.You may like another thing.

Mentalista what skills should i put in my shortcut bar?

Well son, every player got a different one, i prefer keep my organized, i dont mix action with skills, buffs with atk, etc, and i keep my similar skills close each other, well, in the bottom bar, you need Spirit Blast and Aqua Impact in easy shortcuts, they are like "Auto-Attack of psychics", then give preference by skills with debuffs, like Glacial Shards that freeze, Crystali Light(Reduce 80% speed what is good to use when Glacial and Earth Vector no avalaible), Sandball Clash that seal, Earth Vector that stun, and SandFlood that ima go talk after, in the landslide slot, i usually change with soulburn depending on the situation.

The bar of the side i put Soul of Retaliation that i will talk more about after, two kinds of health potions that dont share cooldown, bubble of life, windshield, Psychic will, Black and White Voodoo and 1 spark(That i change with Disturb Soul according to the situation.

Well you can see in the other bars, similar skills near each other, pots, actions etc...

Well before i start talk about skills i wanna say that Furious Ocean upgrade is not mandatory, is a full PvE skill.

Now i will talk about Retaliation

Most of psychics see SoR as a useless skill, so they camp Soul of Stunning, but is not smart camp Soul of Stunning because your enemy gonna find a way to avoid it, so instead of active Soul of Stunning always that the cooldown over, u need watch the better time to active it, that is = WHEN THE TARGET START TO CAST A ATK, when u start to do it, u gonna catch the target unpreparetely(thats the word?) and he will probably have no way to remove the stun, or instead of him waste 55 energy with Fortify to avoid your stun if u camp it, he gonna need to waste Faith or AD, to prevent the death, and when u roll the enemy Faith or AD, you are in the next step to kill him.

But i didnt talked yet about Soul of Retaliation, well, this skills absorb 35k damage, heal your HP in 15% and reflect the debuff of the atk of the enemy, whatever the debuff, u can reflect stun, amplify, seal, all kinds of debuffs followed by a attack, but what i love in that skill is, it protect me from crowd control, from amplify, from Elimination, if used in timing it reflect the dragon stun of a BM, that come most times after the roar end, there are infinite scenarios, but the main use for me is prevent from crowd control against sins, cut the seeker debuff metal combo, and absorb the damage of a finisher skill, like when your charm is ticked and your HP is low, this skill save your butt, its like a "Deaden Nevah".

Well to be more robotic to you, what you can do if u dont know yet how to see the right moments to use those skills, is = Use 2 Soul of Retaliation and 1 Soul of Stunning, 2 SoR/ 1 SoS, in that order, 1 1 then 2.Camping SoR two times followed gonna make your target accostumate to that and he will stop pay attention on your buffs, and is when u catch him.

Mentalista what is the psy role in Mass PK?

Well sir, a psy is there to AOE kill and give auxiliar support to the squad, even if u are not a support psychic, u must be there for your squad to purify with Bubble of Life they when venoms throw nova or WRs throw heavens flame, or whatever danger debuff that can make your squad fall.You gotta keep your squad leader buffed with Empowered Vigor always, since the leader of the squad its the most important player, he carrys the Assist Attack and he must live, be always near your squad when they need. On the DD part now i will just explain class by class what you gonna do:

This is just to specific what i want to mean with CC=1st Earth Vector/2nd Glacial Shards/3rd Crystal Light in priority/avalaible order.

Survavibility in Mass PK

Psy is the squishyest class of the game and all know, may seems hard to survive in mass PK with many squad of archers and other phy DDrs around AAing on you, but i will show u how simple actually is, all you need is a mag/vit genie that can double expel and a purify weapon.When a archer target you and probably tick your charm you use expel, then wear purify weapon and kite back. Keep your eyes on the mini-map to see the position of your enemy and where do u need to run if u get attacked. Whenever your charm tick you use expel and purify then run back, if purify procs, then you sure survive.After using expel, your genie will be rdy for one more, but its better to back to the atk position and use a psychic will to let your genie recover energy, sometimes, u gonna be attacked by a party with archers and Magic DDrs, so vs they u gonna use Absolute Domain+Psychic will+Purify weapon and kite back.You can go for the holy path way to be in safe position, i just cant do this, since i lag and if i get stun while on holy path i would be really mad.

Theres moments where a venom purge u, so again u need to Absolute Domain+Psychic Will+Purify weapon, if no psychic will avalaible, go white and kite back and ask for rebuff.
You can go like me and spam Frenzy on PK to increase your kills, but be carefully with this skill, any atk on you and you are death, just use Frenzy after Psychic Will or Dew of Protection pill (for 20 secs increase your defs).
If you are a scripter, then those tips+script going to make you almost imortal.

And now this show its over now...
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Mentalista you are so good bro keep it up

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Mentalista you are so good bro keep it up
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i want to see kyrios vs mentalista

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Very nice r8 add on guild with sound logic to back it up.

One change i could add would be x2/3 on pdef reduce on boots not legs as better % chance and only pdef added to boot but legs have mag and pdef plus ele reduce i think.

So have legs as 2nd mag adding item with wrist would be a better option.

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i do sometimes .. its really funs

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My damage log collection NEW

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and somebody record it plz
Would be better than Robbert vs Robbert

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Would be better than Robbert vs Robbert
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you wish you could see that level of skill to learn something from boy
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