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Mood training

Offline Pain

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Hi, I used about 350 gold today on feral soul stars trying to get 50% tidal on my War avatar and 6 defense/attack Mind on my Drake, without any luck. I was wondering if it's meant to be this rare or am I very unlucky? Or is it bugged?

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Well, its very hard, its like reshaping, luck based, on my wf i asked some1 to do it and got it in like 40golds o.o
some people used 150 golds, others more, its just ur luck that sux at this

Offline Agatio

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Astral Drake has same skill set like Celestial Giant. Night Owl has same random skill set like Heliacal Phoenix, just the unique skill from the Skeleton. The mood chances are default (stock) ones and all available moods are divided in 3 groups.
First group has 75% chance of success, second group 20% and third group 5%. I believe that when you're training your pet, it randomizes the group first and then it randomizes the available moods from that group.
So to count the total chance, you'd need to list all the acceptable moods from there: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnmGB9341zObdC1jb0tWb1BrUXRoWFpYc2lKZ1k4aFE&usp=sharing#gid=0
Then check in which group they are and do the math.

Offline Pain

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Ok got the answer I needed, also got it on my War avatar 3 tries after I made this thread. A gm can close this now