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At the request of a player (dad), I have (attempted to) split all the entries
 from the Mr & Miss EpicPW forum event into a seperate thread to act as a gallery of screenshots for people to view.

It serves no purpose to the event, just seems like a nice thread for people to view,
particularly new players or people deciding whether to join our server,
so they can see what type of events we do and also the talent we have on the server.

The original event can be found here: Mr & Miss EpicPW Forum Event
It is run towards the end of every month.


P.s. Let's see how the merging and stuff goes with the next event :|


The first event had the follow topics & themes:

- Swimsuit
- Formal
- Personal choice

Question: How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?
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Since you aren't asking for photoshop skills as you said, i wont edit any of them(I'm a little bit lazy). Hopefully you like it.

Ingame name: Anami
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Living in a peaceful bubble.


How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?
Everyone would be blue-named, and the server would be full of PVE and rainbow colored unicorns jumping on heart shaped clouds and peeing coins. Also some french fries since Agatio offered.

Ingame name: Lana.
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Name: Prixy

How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?
War in EpicPW is only in your minds. Don't think about it and you get peaceful world.
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Personal Choice

How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?
I would not.
Peace in EPW would mean no mobs to kill, no players to fight. = People would get bored and our server would die.[/font][/size]

IG Name: __Neve__
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How to make peace in epicpw? Well it will always be hard to make peace but I'd say just don't start fights, don't keep fights going. Make people laugh. Compliment people when you can. Just be as nice as you can because why not? Those people could be your future best friend or wife or husband.
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How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?

A peace in EpicPW would lead to boredom players , some players get tired could result in the loss of popularity of the game

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How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?
I would give to every1 a cookie + hug and ;* . I love puppies ;33333 ~yay me~
Swimsuit > (what happens when u stay at sun too much, watch out gurls ;x )

Formal(handsome) >

Pvp(yes i am cute hehe) >

Pve(Yes, my name is also Teddy!) >

My choice >

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Completed. Good luck to everyone!
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Name: Akerly
How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?: Make everyone take this game a lot less seriously

edit: resubmitted formal ss since I saw there's plenty of people using the same spot  :-[
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i hope u all like it :D only dnt know how to put a spoiler XD

ingame name : _BlackAngel_

     ( swimmsuit)

( Normal)

  ( PvE )



How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?

No world peace in epw...just do youre things and be youre self <3

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Question: How would you achieve world peace on EpicPW?

Peace in EpicPW is impossible, even in the real world peace is hard to achieve. In EpicPW different people with different personalities clash together and as always the result is PK with trashtalking. As for me, I tend to ignore those players who trashtalks me. Why would I bother making myself stress by talking back to them, games/online games should be a stress reliever not a stress giver. So players just chill, we are here to have fun not to get upset XD that is all .. Thank You! :)
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