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GoodGame vs Xpendable Bloodfeast gameplay

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Hallo TO ALL, some Holy Sin gameplay of master of wat is called Tideborn and slippery v enjoy watching

Songs used : wont tell, Our team lost but is still worthy of wat is upload if BF play

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rocky got drop in less than 1 sec at the start and i quited watching video AJAJJAJAJAJA

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i was getting 20/1 kd rates in team fortress 2 i came late hahahha

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nice video and gameplay

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Good vid rev  :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police:        :rolleyes: we did better than rest guilds

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Beast 8)
Your face is beast ... where the hello noobie??? huh? :normal-5:
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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2nd spark in skillbar, yet, press R -> 2nd spark -> R, attack.

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Was one of the funnest pks had been in in a long time. Was true 1v1v1 Gameplay. Nice vid.
bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.

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nice video Rev! Goodteamwork and i love the music! :police:

💠 oh I cry, until I just dissolve 💠

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Best mass PK assassin.

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Nice video and music. Don't even need AA, solo half of the people there on your own.  ;)

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2nd spark in skillbar, yet, press R -> 2nd spark -> R, attack.

I always said same thing to him.

Anyway, nice video strange R.  :normal-48: