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Any Norwegian folks out there? O.O :')

Hi :police: i am looking for Norwegian folks! 8). i have not met any so far, and i am feeling alone >:( :-\ :-X so if YOU are Norsk :P (norwegian)  ;D Reply please so we can get in touch!  :shocked: :rolleyes:

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You want to touch their nono spot  :-[
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You want to tpuch their nono spot  :-[
:-[ Virjin Hunter

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no norvegian sry

hipp hipp hurra :P hva heter din Toon? :D :)

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Not from Norway but still close :) Sweden here :P
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not Norwegian but I like huldras :sad: :-\

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:| i am not norwegian but i could be ur fren :c
I would like the info to your raidcall bc Norwegian accents make my pants fall off.  :tiger-15:
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