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I was wondering if its possible to add Slaying and Warding lvls to the R8 and/or dragon gear for the pve bonus they give.. since this doesnt affect pvp at all i doubt any1 would mind adding those .. seperate of the pvp stats ofcourse.. like adding a 4th one that gives slaying and warding or even in the set bonus :)

Offline Deno

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i don't think that's possible since u can't put together (2) Defence Lvl, Warding Lvl +25 and stuff like that from other. + you got 10 slaying lvl blessing you can get for free if easy pve is what does concern you.

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yes pls I want +1000 lvls extra

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PvE blessing was "removed" for a reason... For example TT 3-3 is already ruined and too easy due to all the boost from cards and meridian that has come with this expansion.