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Some of my edits got messed up or moved around, but oh well *** it, its still ok, I hope you enjoy it. Please comment down below with tips and other nice stoof, nothing mean <3.

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Allie stronk. Beat all challengers.  :pig-23:


Real shame u fcked up video, but footage is godlike keep on wrecking easies  :normal-26:

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LOOOL that 3v1  :police:

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  • "هل نحني اعناقنا من اجل هذه الدنيا التي لا نحتكم على نفس واحد فيها؟"


that intro  :normal-2: nice video, Kitten  :normal-25:

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nice video, goood gameplay. and dw lose to 3spark occult sin doesn't count as losing.  :normal-25:

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Nice video, I liked. Sins though... Wtb > more def. :-[

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SONG STEALER  :normal-13: :normal-13: :normal-13:

Nice video doe ^^

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Good job! <3
 :police: I like the music too!

💠 oh I cry, until I just dissolve 💠

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