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Saoring Centipede (in black)



Can we maybe have in the next upcoming patch Soaring Centipede (earthguard flyer) in black as a rare flight? It looks dark/evil, but the main color is purple  :-X. I may provide you a "Black Soaring Centipede" texture, it would be badass.

P.S. Please do not mess with the effects, purple effects over no effect.

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+1 good suggestion

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'I dont understand why people still care about appearance in a game' - Areashii

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'I dont understand why people still care about appearance in a game' - Areashii

Because looking good while busting skulls is a must, duh!

Also, I coulda sworn they did a version of that flyer in black.   Was for Halloween.  Or was that another flyer?

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Just to match your fashion, noob.

There's nobody better.

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Easiest would be dyeable flyers... Kinda impossible to do it though. :(

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+1, would be nice


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I agree to this. +1
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all agree now!!+9998