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Can someone give a link where I can download Model.pck?
Aga told me that it could fix my problem regarding this (see screen shot)
I dont have any PWI installed in my computer except EpicPW.

And btw, what is the size of model.pck? mine here 99 MB.

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mine is 2Gb lol
i would say its probably best to download the client again ^^
plz do not use chrome to download, it tends to corrupt files :/

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its only 1.99GB

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Awts... 2GB? lol
anyway ty guys.


I would really suggest downloading via the torrent. IF you have really good net (5mb/s or higher peak), then download via Mozilla Firefox.

Offline Agatio

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Two solutions:
1. quick one: http://epicpw.com/support/game-won't-launch/
2. longer one: redownloading