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Hello all :) i want to know more abut support cleric what armors they use at mass pk and smaler groups also what tome cape and staats all mag or vit idk depens on build :D also how much chan got as support cleric  :D tell me alll guys know its intresting for me :)


I would think they would use Light Armor for mass PK. *Shrugs* I don't know too much about clerics myself.

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Support cleric is:

full mag build,
vit tome / mag tome, dragon cape / supreme robe, purify weapon / dragon glavie   - switching depending on situation
dragon neck, WS belt, ancient dragon robe, r8 legs, shoes and wrists

When it comes to r8 stats you'd want as much -channel as possible.

If you'd like to deal some damage, you will additionally need atk lvl glavie, r8 top and DS neck and very good knowledge of cleric combos.

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My cleric I went full vit for support so I could survive a little better in pk, or you could go heavy armored like some clerics do! Depends on your playstyle and whatever you feel most comfortable in  :police:

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vit build, your heal is gonna give full hp to your squad anyways with 450 magic base u can do it with no problems

gear depends if you want to to play with ct or with out 

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dont listening agatio wik cler.