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im still here 4 my team

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sorry miki 4 killin you you know i love you D:

Sub if you check video FU YOU X8 u /&$&·$&%·$%%·%$·%$·$% asian

ye we siged away when our mini map was clean of enemys not my probems if the enemy faction was outisde of the range of my minimap.  :police:

full pk video i did not cut any part of the pk at all :) not afraid to show the deaths

mini map when siged safezone, i don't see red dots tbh

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Nice vid Nokisito

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Nice vid Nokisito

ty ghoul bro apreciate it :3


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Nice video

ty glad you liked it

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Enjoyed the music <3

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Enjoyed the music <3

ty 4 watching this long video, Glad you liked the music :)

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Two thumbs up sir, and bomb ass song selection l3l *-*

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1st song and last song  :))

i love mr big pula pija ro :)  glad u liked seby and ty 4 watching this long video x.x

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Good video as always Noki  :normal-4:

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Nice vid noki. Fun pk

it was a rlly func idc who the *** won tbh cuz was 3 side

Good video as always Noki  :normal-4:

ty miss epic pw
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i don't know tbh they are many sides of the history bro

Enemy is lie bro  :-[

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Enemy is lie bro  :-[

on some things maybe but i can't trash talk cuz they give a rlly gf with out alamat ( MIRACLE ) they pushed hard we also did so they won a bit of respect i think. + salvation also gived a amazing gf in this 3 side pk x.x and they killing the 2 sides not onli artifex or xpendable they siged behind xp and us many times so respect 4 theam