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Patch notes v27

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This is small patch because before every big update there must be small one as well...
Server will go down for maintenance around 20 pm (Tuesday) and will be offline for about 20 minutes.
Patch notes:
- New Epic Coins farming area in Forest of the Songs(you can find it on island, above City of Raging tides. (631 244) )
- Added common and beautiful shards to the Jewelcraftsman to speed up the runes crafting
- Added g13-g15 NPC armors and accessories so you can play with them for fun(armors can be manufactured at Tailor Huang(665 373) and accessories at Craftsman Ding Li(669 375), both NPC located in Dreamweaver port.)
- New faction icons

If you got some ideas about things that can be added with this patch, feel free to post them here.
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I will make this into a list that everyone is posting to hopefully give aga some general ideas in a list format and not have to go through every post to see what ideas are found. :P

Patch v28 Wishlist:

  • MP herbs to God's Giving
  • Female Fashion (new sets on ecatomb) extend missing fash (Prissy Set)
  • Male Fashion (new sets on ecatomb)
  • Dragon mount (new mount on ecatomb)
  • New Flyers (new flyers on ecatomb)
  • level 11 vortex fix (400mp drain instead of 35mp)
  • Increase pet hp (nix,herc,dino,mystic pets aswell)
  • Remove Unusable psy books
  • Other PW game mounts/flyers/fash (Sage/Jade Dynasty)
  • Dragon Claw model shrink (covering female fashion)
  • Mobs in GV back to 200m-250m coin drop (before patch)
  • Caster bosses immune to phys damage droping SLS
  • Giantfang Spider not respawning properly (Marriage Quest)
  • Treasure Hunt giving negative rep (-900 instead of +900)
  • Instance for Caster (All mobs and bosses should be phy resistance with decent ammount of exp)
  • Crazy Stone event (boost the exp reward)
  • Clear all the weapons that still have Sacred Armor Crush Stone
  • Same Gender Marriage
  • TT/HH needining 2 people only to open
*Will update list when more logical ideas have been suggested.
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Is too hard to get 150 for casters ... ijs , its boring and damn hard ..
yes i know we have a ton of fash already but we all love new fash and there is some on http://www.ecatomb.net/fashion-f.php for guys and girls.... would love some new fashion if at all possible   <3 thanks for everything u all do

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fixed seeker level 11 yataghan vortex values (i don't know if this is a problem for anyone else, but mine says it drains 35 but takes 400)

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  • Bro, it's obvious.
Increase HP of Nix, Herc, Dino.
I will always agree with more fash >:

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+1 to fireydude. I have the same problem. I have Sage Vortex and it says the same thing, but it definitely takes around 400 mp each time. Oh and Demon Black Voodoo has a typo. It says it increases defense, instead of attack. No biggie, just thought it should be fixed :P Oooh and speaking of Psy books, I know there's some books that you've made impossible to learn because they're too OP, so perhaps you could just take those books off the server? I've accidentally bought the same Psychic book twice, thinking I could learn it, only to be told it was impossible. I have a terrible memory, so it would just be nice for everyone to not make the same mistake as me.

Also, there's lots of pservers that use mounts from other Perfect World Entertainment games (like Ether Sage or Jade Dynasty, etc) so I was hoping you'd start implementing those as well to add more content. I looove to buy mounts (land and flying mounts), and it would give us an excuse to keep farming.

Oh and I asked you earlier (Agatio) if you could resize the 150 Claws to become smaller because on females they're just SO big and hide our pretty fashion. You said you'd try doing that, but you never got back to me and I never heard anything about it after I brought it up. So if it is possible, pleeeease do that :D

One last thing that comes to mind atm is hairstyles. Is there any way to make it so every class can wear any hairstyle? Add more hairstyles and make them class-unlocked somehow? ^.^
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Mobs in GV should drop again a nice amount of money.
It was 200m-240m before patch. Now its around 40m

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Just a thought I had but see that TT has no Real use right now what about upping the exp in TT to the same LVL as FC so that it give player another place to go for LvLing , Just a idea don't know if there is a way to do or not.......
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Sage/Demon Vortex takes 435 mp/sec, it is an error, not sure aga can fix it, why would the higher level use less mp :P

Mobs in GV should drop again a nice amount of money.
It was 200m-240m before patch. Now its around 40m

The mobs were reset back to pwi, also the quest uses up delta orders again. (Could you do something about that ag, or was it intended?)

Very important - Make the caster bosses immune to physical damage, it would be nice to get the casters bosses which drop SLS for increased leveling, without physical classes ksing.

Increase Mystic Pet HP, same reason as veno.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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i would love barb weapons unnerfed i mean seriously we hitting 6k crit+zerks instead of 9-11k and our aps and casting is slow enough to blend in with the damage and new nerf just makes it too hard QQ i mean seriously remove the nerf pls  ty <3

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Posted this idea before and got good responses but never seen anything about it since.  Was to change the reward from the boxes at the end of MQ to Epic Coins instead of a mirage.


So u Can Make shards 1 Def lvl  8)

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ok ...waiting for manual patch  :P

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Posted this idea before and got good responses but never seen anything about it since.  Was to change the reward from the boxes at the end of MQ to Epic Coins instead of a mirage.
this was changed in one of the most recent patches. not sure if it was changed back tho.
So u Can Make shards 1 Def lvl  8)
no, def and attack level shards were the reason people left pwi. this isn't balance.