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Skillbar suggestion

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hello i dont usually make suggestions but ive been thinking about this for long idk if it can be done without pwi implementing this feature but if it could be done would be really alpha
ok so i was thinking about a skillbar setup save option like a place where the skillbars are saved so you can change it with a click on whatever class ure playing (like a macro or something), for example i have my accounts that are played by half xpendable so every time i log in i need to either fix skillbar or play really bad because i cant find the skills on the bar; with this feature we could switch all the 8 skill lines in a click without 10 minutes work if u didnt memorize the skillbar; this can only do good so i dont know why some1 would be against it if it could be done thank you

Offline Aєℓισѕ

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for ppl who have bad memory only +
also when dc during pk sometimes skill bar changes so yes +
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would be nice, but dude account share??? lol??


is a nice idea tbh

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Yes ! This is a great idea.

Everytime i log in with my bm this happens  :-\
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+1 if it's possible


and add 1/2 extra lines I got shit load of weps and gear I need to switch during the rpk

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+1 but I don't think it's possible.

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Or you just stop share accounts and learn people to have their owns?

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and add 1/2 extra lines I got shit load of weps and gear I need to switch during the rpk
yes if it`s possible +1


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+1 factored suggestion

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my cat change skills from skill bar when he was playing!!

+1 if possible

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agatio said many times that is not posible zzzz,  wuld be nice some extra slots on skill bar


Who cares if he shares his toons? Thats just so don't  get hacked, and he's obv not.. I share my EP too, they log it when they don't have Ep for pk. Its not a big deal  :-[