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Genie Skills for Archers (Sage)

Offline Zorata

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Well, I was wondering what skills that I could use as a Sage archer. Skills that increase damage and such, because I can't use Extreme Poision the range is to far. Please update me on what genie skills to use and maybe when in the Metal Combo.

Also, I am wondering what I would mainly put my points in the genie so that I even hit harder with the genie skills if you list any.

Offline Mάx

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1. AD
3. heart of steal (block metal atk)
4. expel (immune phy atk)
5. will surge ( immune from silence)
6.nurify poison( immune frm wood damage)
7.extreme poison (u can use this)
8.holy path or tree of protection

in mass vit +mag genie good....!!

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I dont think there are any other genie skills that will increase ur dmg except Extreme Poison.

Just use sage quick shot, use extreme poison and metal combo  :police:
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