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So how do you guys level casters?

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I'm currently playing wizard and leveling from 110 - 148 was not too difficult, but now the leveling is slowing down quite a bit. So what is the most efficient way to level from 148-150 as a wizard? If the most efficient way of leveling is GV, then what is the best way to level without too much commitment because sometimes I may not have the time to make a squad and do GV.
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Pv and fc. Or grab your creditcard

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PV and FC yes.

You can "grab credit card" and donate if you can,
but you can also vote to get Gold for Super Level
Scrolls from Boutique.

Depends on how fast you want your lvl.

I'm still lvling my Cleric in PV and FC.
If I didn't have Seeker and Sin it would be
lvl 150 long time ago.
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But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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buy some training eso, then spam PV, use pots too, depending on class you play

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Super level scroll  ;D

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Most the time the best way is to find a friend or faction member or someone like me that will run just about any new play though FC I would help you when I get on to night just look for MuffDiver And pm if you still need some help
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i lvled my Wizzy from 145-150 by soloing PV w. esotorica*.  Its better exp than GV at same amount of time, however it requires more effort and will be more frustrating when u start dying xD (</3 freeze mobs)

I have 29k HP and nirvy gear , sage DB(stuns), expel , and the immunity/speed pot (forgot the name) Dx increases speed and make u immune to freeze.  Will take about 7-10min per run.

gl on lvling Dx