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Server connection offline again

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Hello, it seems that our protection service is offline again due to unknown reason. Again, we are really sorry, but this is not something that is under our control, therefore for now the only thing we can do is wait till connection is back.
We'll do our best to make sure that similar problems won't happen in future though (maybe look for an alternate provider).

Update: Server seems to be back

Update#2 from Echo: Please be patient.
This is an issue which we cannot personally fix, as it more than likely has to do with Hyperfilter. They couldn't give estimated fix time yet.
Refrain from making any new threads if you experience a DC while playing.
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But hey, thanks!  :shocked:


Alright please fix soon kty. Was about to kill someone > dc..  :-\


Thanks for letting us know!!

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Thanks for the info, was curious to why it was offline when I logged in

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Ok. Thanks for taking care of it Agatio. Hopefully it comes back soon  :normal-24:

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someone own me an F5 key  :tiger-37:

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Man i wanna look at my toon aps the wood dummy :-\ :-[ got a new wep fashion

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hi i'm cedes
Echo | Taunt | Nurse | Foam | Lunar

Quote from: Arashiwf
i remember the fashion


All panic.

Yes I can't spam look chatrooms for you bby  :-[

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Yeah I cant log in anymore  >:( :-X :rolleyes:

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thanks for swift reply an info Agatio, time to kick back an chill for now while waiting for server :D
Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are there.....


I say we rush into that place and chop their heads off! I was looking forward to coming back today.. ::GR::

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Thanks for the update on the issue!

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