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Few things.


First of all, a response to Muff about the respect comment he made here: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=1767.0

Just because someone is in a position of authority doesn't mean they automatically deserve respect. Respect is earned, not given. It's easy to be civil to someone even if you don't respect them.

Do I respect everyone on the staff? No, I don't. It takes more than holding events to earn respect.
Is there staff that I do respect? Yes, although most of them are inactive or have quit by now.

You're right about it being about attention from the community. Why? There have been several times that myself or other people, not even from Xpendable, have PMed a GM about an issue(with proof, mind you) and nothing was done about it. If people can't trust the GM's to handle issues when brought up privately then yes, they get brought up on the forums when they're pissed off. Not saying it's the right thing to do, but if you feel like the staff isn't going to do anything, at least you bring attention to the issue(by making it public).

Kso, here it is.
There are rules for a reason. Don't enforce the rules upon some players, and not upon others. I'm not saying any names and i'm not giving specific instances so don't jump down my throat about defending yourselves. However, if you're going to be lax about the rules, be lax with everyone. Don't decide to enforce a rule that you wouldn't otherwise because you don't like someone on a personal level.

inb4 blahblahblah, you expect Xpend not to be muted etcetcetc.
No, that's not the case. I'm well aware that Xpend talks trash/breaks the rules and if they deserve a mute, then they deserve a mute.

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100% agreed.
Well done, Ruse.

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This old debate... Sadly, this isnt how gm's do anything. Gm's that play the game they moderate, are always going to be biased. We as humans, tend to unconciously help those that we like, without even knowing it sometimes. For example: Pretend im GM:RageGank, and my alt is MageTank, of the xpendables guild. Lets say Someone comes up and calls Ruse an explicit word that would violate the rules. I would warn/mute him. Lets say someone else from another guild, calls a nohomo member the same explicit word, and i do nothing, that would be a bias on my behalf. Sure, theres that arguement that "Gm's have lives, and cant be around forever" statement, but its irrelevent to the point.

Do you gm's know why you have it so rough? You demand too much control over the players. Why are there rules against verbal herassment, when blacklisting exists? Lets use coffee as an example: She reported me for having a debate in GC, that i was offending people. Question coffee... if people were offended from my words, why wasnt blacklist used? Why was i immediately banned without warning, for apparently offending people that you cant name?

Had blacklist been used, none of this would be going on. Sadly, you gm's dont see it my way. When i offend people by speaking the truth, im torn a sunder by the community, even though there are features in the game specifically designed to prevent such events.

If the average player learned to be less offended, and use blacklist, gm's would be out of a job here. None of the events even require gm's. Hell, I can automate every single thing you current gm's do, send it to agatio, and there would be no need for gm's lol.

Sadly, the world will never function using logic. As soon as something is idiot proof, they build a better idiot. Perhaps you gm's should conduct a little test... just disappear for 24 hours, and see if the server is still standing. Use only the forum for techincal complaints, and those who are offended, let them fend for themselves. See if your job doesnt become easier.


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Few things I've noticed,

You make these threads out of spite to have the last word. I locked the last thread because and I will quote..

I am gonna 'deal' with LED and Mordenita myself (however it does sound).

There is no reason to continue making threads to flame the GM community. MageTank you make a few points about the blacklist system, yes it was made for a reason. Though some people are getting tired of the constant Harassing like here you are yet again.. harassing the GM system.

2. DO NOT question a staff members action at anytime whatsoever no matter how much you feel they are wrong. If you have problems with a staff member DO NOT post it on the forums or complain about it in world chat or normal chat. If you cannot settle the matter in whisper to said gm then by all means send ALL COMPLAINTS against the Staff Member to the admin, Agatio.
Breaking this rule will result on the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned.
  • 2nd. If player doesn't follow the rules, immediate action will be taken. This action results in forum account ban.
  • 3rd. If the player is still roaming on forum with a different account and looking for more problems, immediate actions will be taken. This actions will result on an IP ban from the Forum and Game.

I will lock this thread as well, Please do not go and make another one. These types of things as you can see in the stated rule... are not meant to be brought onto the forums or in game.