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What build do you use?


What build do you use and why for your class?
For me personally i like being a vit bm who relies on chan and zerk crits to kill, for the shear purpose of watching people cry about me camping r8 and def lvl weps and yet they still die to a no damage blademaster.  For me its alot of fun and i dont see that many blademasters using this build outside of TW's, however i do see that it is becoming more popular and that bugs me but what stat build do you use for your classes and why?

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Dex dragon cleric.

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For now, full strength Heavy Armor Venomancer. Dragon armor, elemental orns, physical rings, Defense level pataka (still rerolling) and a Dragon pataka.

I soon plan on testing a new build with it, but I need very specific, expensive things, and I'm not exactly the richest player on the server.
Pelnar - Literally Teemo
Hackee - Seeker

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I was usually always full vit on past servers or half heavy depending on gears but on this server i'm full vit so I have like 39k HP self buffed and 50k barb buffed

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My archer right now is purely dex built, non-chan/aps.  I am currently transitioning to a hybrid dex/-chan, but got distracted by my veno.

My mystic is pure magic, but pdef based.  Her r8 has pdef/reduce phys damage taken adds all over (for the most part).  Mystics are already mean to *** with, I want melees to have a hard time.  So far, it's working.

My veno is pure magic.  She turns out to be the only character close to 1k magic points right now, and I'm not finished with her r8 yet, so not sure what direction I'm going to go with her. 

My cleric is a pure support build.  Right now he's in dragon while I farm up some shit for his r8, but I was flirting with the idea of making him HA at one point.  I'm thinking that I won't do that but instead build his r8 to be as tanky as possible.  He'll do damage, but he's purely for making sure shit don't die around him.

Those are the 4 I play with right now, and thus can give a more detailed version of my builds.

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Phalanx - 150 Demon BM (because impulsive)

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full dex psyc.
61% criti chance LOOL


I have yet to pick a class T_T


full dex psyc.
61% criti chance LOOL
Sounds OP looool

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mag tank ea. I has proof mr disrupted
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Full magic psy.
Full magic ep.
Vit veno.


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currently: dragon
future: tanky damage seeker with +11str/+11dex orns sitting at 2.5aps base in full r8 and 50% crit.

Morbid/\ngel - 150 seeker


Vit BM
DPH Sin (Enjoys the most)
Sage EA
Demon barb aps

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bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.

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Aps Sin
Channeling EA
Def and aps BM
DPH barb
Full DD EP
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