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Xpendable DT 7/29

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Posting for some amateur EA Enjoy.  ;)

bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.


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Your so good man nice video dude ^-^


Good video, easy PK

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That was awsome was like 50 vs 80 still won  ;)
Swag = See we are gay :D

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I'm best player bro

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nice almost as good as pedjas   :tiger-37: :tiger-37:

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nice video bro, was fun pk

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serious game play serious organization saw alot XP @ 1k stream not sure if its way b4 DT began or after winning, still just sad when it comes to all the politics, rage (we stay cool, make them RQ) etc., from both sides.. well gz on gaining the DT this week if only XP forum said for serious gamers only and stopped with the no dogs we gods stuff.,

nice video bro, was fun pk

good day best friend roomi :) nice action there near boss :)

feel free to delete my reply (either full reply or leave it as it is do not manipulate ty), nice video again..
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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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good day best friend roomi :) nice action there near boss :)

ty best friend  :normal-35: :normal-35: :normal-35:

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Nice video  ^-^ love the music too
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Nice video, gratz


nice video

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Good music brother.  :police: