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Autoattacking After Ranged Physical Skills

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My suggestion is simple--remove it. At least, if it's possible.

Anyone who has a Seeker character can probably attest to the irritation evoked by that character automatically moving closer to a target after using Gravel Blade/Wind Blade/Rock Splitting Cleave/Staggering Strike (and possibly Battousai/Glowing Blade, as well).

It's terrible when staying at range is important; it's even worse when you have to stay within a small area (like a platform surrounded by the deadly environs of your choice).

As far as I can tell, it doesn't provide any advantages, nor is it essential to gameplay.
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or you could just press the S key to not move towards your target or click on the ground to not move either and both ways cancels the auto attack....

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What? no, just no. Your lack of skill and/or timing has nothing to do with this, don't ruin anyone else's seeker gameplay just because you can't do something


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isnt a seeker a melee class? i mean if so it would be at least logic that the toon wants to go melee range after a longrange attack....
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try to pm Vermilion in game, he will teach you how to play that class or pm any Artifex's seeker they will!-!

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There's nobody better.

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i think its good idea

Offline Swane

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+1 good suggestion

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ALERT: off topic comment.

Can't you people just -1 it if u consider it a bad idea? I'm sorry I have to say this but all (ALL) comments made, looked like they came from a bunch of arrogant pricks. It's meant as a suggestion, not something to laugh at.

On topic: I don't know shyt about seekers, no serious opinion to be found here.
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Offline Plague

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eh, don't expect this to be taken neutrally by an ea community where pressing an additional key to auto attack after dartle is considered too much of an extra work. but hey, things could be worse. on pwstorm channel ea's had like 0.2 aps and if you mistakenly auto attacked between spamming skills you would have to wait 4 seconds for another attack.

as for my opinion, i don't think it's neccessary. the only problem right now that i see is being unable to stop attacking while freezed under some circumstances (the one which comes to my mind is attacking a psychic with soul of stunning buff)


I don't think it's annoying unless it accidentally triggers Arcane Defense...

As a keyboard gamer it may become annoying.

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What? no, just no. Your lack of skill and/or timing has nothing to do with this, don't ruin anyone else's seeker gameplay just because you can't do something
+1 this,  if u can't play that's it



It's impossible to remove this for MELEE classes. (BM/Seek/Barb)
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Offline Agatio

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It must be possible, but very, very difficult to find the right (compiled) code part where to edit it. And doing it for each skill... not really doable.
If auto-attack after casting a ranged skill bothers you, I suggest you putting your most used combos on macros - they can be cancelled anytime.

Offline gwyn

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If you want a ranged attack  try an Archer, a wizard, a psychic, a cleric, a mystic, or even a veno they all have awesome ranged attacks that do not pull you closer to the target although some skills are not as ranged as others.

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