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  • Characters: Indominus, Yueliang, Oliver
I think our team won bro  :police:

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Strong performance yet again from the up and coming blademaster player known as Pedja, formerly Skazy.

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you get chi passed to you and you instantly die? i'm mad

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How can u die with a BM?  :-[

My damage log collection NEW

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  • Get rich or die trying
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Good video bro.

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Good Video sexy Pedja <3 ;D

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  • Characters: Praeludium / Pharisees
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Nice moves bro that was so fun I missed it good vids good gameplay

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Good video good music I missed this pk :normal-9:

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  • "هل نحني اعناقنا من اجل هذه الدنيا التي لا نحتكم على نفس واحد فيها؟"
4:16 waw

nice video

Offline Aleх

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  • Characters: Yang • Hysteri • Collapse
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nice video fun pk,  i was principal target there xD