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Anorexic`s Art

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Hello guys, I made this thread to show people the art by Anorexic. She said her drawings are ugly, hideous .. I personally don`t think that. That`s why, I chose to open a thread to show everyone what she can do.

 She always wanted to open a thread with art and take commisions

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I like it. It's unique. I'd buy one.  :smiley:

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ima artist myself and ur work isnt bad u got skill , and not many ppl can even draw/construct a person anyways dont dout urself , in my experience drawing is about training your eyes to see more and to notice how things are like basic shapes and details, if u youtube mark crilley he teaches very great drawing techniques u even pick up more on deviant art , its what i did and ive been getting better and i dont even needa draw all the time to improve i can view things and just contruct and draw it in my mind. ur work is nice and i like it.