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I am getting really close to Insanity and Silence  :police: :police: :police: watch out guys xD

PS Died many times so you can clearly see numbers  :P
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Nice video, Mr. Pedja.

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Nice video dude ;)

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i am proud of how valor u were last night brother xd



i am proud of how valor u were last night brother xd
:normal-48: bromance
PS ur signature...LOOOOOOOOOL


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스카지 허접

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nice video, awesome music :smiley:

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Nice video and music fits well + like you said you are getting better and better each pk. Keep it up  :normal-42:

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Was fun pk, good video Pedja

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nice video  :normal-42: was fun pk despite the usual numbers

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* Keifazli/Blashcko*

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nice video pedja


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wawe this video was a not good

you need to learn from legendary wrs Shines, WWWWWWWWWWWW, Coconutz and Crimewave maybe then you will factor

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perspective not good, shh jk!!
nice video bro bt u still hate me.