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Why u dont have more payment options

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U need ideaal so more ppl can use there card not every card is for paypal

Get more options please

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because alot of companies are known for taking a bigger chunk of donation for themselfs making them look unprofitable for epw

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I am pretty sure that you can link any major credit card/debit card on Paypal.

As for more payment options, Aga's been looking into them, but most of them have huge fees, so like a $10 donation is like $1 going to EPW.

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PayPal is worldwide and free. It is the most secure way to pay for anything. You Don't have to worry about sites taking your credit info because PayPal never allows access to it. That is the way I would go. Just my opinion but I have used PayPal for years and never had a problem.


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U need ideaal so more ppl can use there card not every card is for paypal

Get more options please

Ideal can be used to open and charge your paypal account. Just google paypal+ideal, and you'll find it.

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Just letting you know, you don't need a credit/debit card to use paypal.

If you're the kind of guy who uses cash irl, then you can always donate using a pre-paid card with paypal.

Here's a link on a guide to do so: How To Donate to EPW without a credit card
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