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101 Reasons why u got ur ass kicked part 2 ( need more ideas )

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1-OMG my cats walked in front of my computer screen. ( by Shimmer )

2-OMG I didn't want to PK, u random pker noob ( by specialkr )

3-OMG i am drunk

4-OMG High five, what did i smoke

5-OMG i got a 5 sec blood delay in my brain

6-OMG i have a heart problem


8-OMG My finger is broken

9- OMG Mosquitoes

10-OMG My expel isn't working

11- OMG my occult chance is 99.9% it missed tho

12- OMG i fainted for 4.99 seconds, my socks r stinky.

13-OMG My keyboard's keys came off ( by Jenna )

14- OMG my mouse came unplugged ( by Jenna )

15-OMG my computer turned off ( by jenna )

16-OMG some1 sticked kick me sign on my back ( by Aelana )

17-OMG u rely on psy buffs ( by Klebsiella )

18- OMG I was near a HA WIZARD


20- OMG i died cause i was typing in pms ( by jenna <3 )

Next by lilme


22-OMG YOU USED POT (while him/her having one ) btw this happen to me all the time too, but my POT IS OP

23-OMG LAGGS EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND (what makes them all think they are the only one )

24-OMG YOU'RE HA EP, DON'T USE (insert random/buff/heal/plume shield that can actully work with blessings whopee)


26-OMG i had to catch a lizard ( by khaled )
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10 - Expel can legitimately not work, this is due to it having a range limit, of course unless your fighting an archer, you shouldnt be expelling from a range!

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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OMFG Im too drunk to see straight! QQ

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OMG my cat walked on the keyboard and did random skills
OMG my cat started liking me in the face (it feels really weird  :-X)
OMG my dog started pulling/biting my leg
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Credit to jujubeez for the awesome sig:3

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just had to add a few(even if they're said before).

OMG YOU HEALED YOURSELF, I CANT DO THAT, STOP IT(when i'm playing an ep(aka cleric).....just...... ...... think ppls..

OMG YOU USED POT (while him/her having one )
OMG LAGGS EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND (what makes them all think they are the only one  (
OMG YOU'RE HA EP, DON'T USE (insert random/buff/heal/plume shield that can actully work with blessings whopee)
OMG YOU CAN PLAY(i actully had this once, can't remember who)
OMG I GOT WHISPERED/INVITED/YELLED AT(this actully was me once, but i still managed ! to die >,< OH WELL )
(Just a few outside PK).

-Getting PMMED by random (..........nothing to be here  saying you from? (i answer no, use english) and they still type 3-4 sentences before i can care to Blacklist them.
-Peoples asking What to (insert random thing that's usual)>anser either with answer or Go read forum (answer him/her/them) where is forum (._-') >(me) homepage>forum link (this actully made my jaw drop) What is homepage?(me)>where you downloaded this game(answer) aah.

Aaaaand baaam. my brain stopped function! ill add if I remember some more!
(If i've said /typed anything that offended somebody/someone/somegroups etc. it wasn't my intention)

From the bored cleric-> me!

(and sky, we don't have a dog-.-'')

(Posted this at the other one, then found this topic :I so i just moved it here)

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Lmao.  amen. 

Did anyone see the recent news about the boy in Taiwan who died after 40 hours of Diablo3?  Apparently he died of a pulmonary embolism (when something clogs up the main artery of your lungs), sitting the same position for too long and not eating, drinking, or even urinating for 40 hours. 

-sigh-  get up and walk a bit guys!  <:

Thus the next excuse should be:
OMG, I was distracted by the guy sitting next to me in the internet cafe, who was just declared dead