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This corrected question isn't on google or any of the guides, so here:

Question 2 - In PW. 1291 Emperor Mayen established the capital, the City of Peace, in the Ancestral Land. What was that land called?
Answer - Capital of the Green Emperor

The actual answer is:

The Dark Empire (the first option)
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After creating faction how to lvl up to enter base?

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After creating faction how to lvl up to enter base?
Level the base at the same place u made the faction

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After creating faction how to lvl up to enter base?
There is a guide for faction base but, it's really old and this is an up to date version.

spoiler=Creating a base
To create a faction base, you must be the leader of a level 3 faction and have a Faction Base Contract.

For the Faction Base Contract, you need:
500 Epic Coins
20 Ten Million Notes
2,000 Ultimate Substances
500 Warsong Emblems

I'm hoping you, as a faction leader, know where to get EC and Ten Million Notes. For Ultimate Substances, talk to any Gods Giving and you'll find it under the second "Utility" tab.

For Warsong Emblems, go to a Watcher of the Earth.

So, in all, you need 500 EC, 200 million coins (in notes) and 118,150,000 coins for the other mats.

Once you have these items, go to any Faction Base Manager and under Quest Related

Once you have the contract, talk to the Manager and


Click on the spoiler in order for it to expand, if your new to forum coding.

You need to make a faction base contract, at the faction base npc, in order to enter.

Make faction go from level one, two, then three.
To upgrade your faction's level, you must speak to the Faction Supervisor, located in East Archosaur (572, 656) and have the correct amount of coins to upgrade the faction.
Level 1: 50 member limit - already unlocked by default
Level 2: 100 member limit - costs 2,000,000 to upgrade
Level 3: 200 member limit - costs 10,000,000 to upgrade

Once inside, then you level it up by doing base quests from the monolith in the middle. Another quest in the blue room by using teleport. There is another baby quest at the manger inside but its only 10 points.

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