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Sonnet of the Lost Moonlight

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[shadow=red,left]The day fades away, here comes night again

Blessed be our love, under the moonlight

In this world we share both happiness and pain

But the existence of our love is not right

We rejoiced for our passion and romance

Though it is forbidden, we pursue to dance

Gleefully and joyous, we ride the wind at night

For in the morning, there will be no moonlight

But now I am waiting for you to come

My love, My life, where have you gone

I lost my moon, as days passes by

Without that light, I don't know how to live my life

Then I realize, I am totally alone for the rest of nights

Crying, mourning, dying under the moonlight...

[shadow=red,left] I was supposed to add some screenshot, but I don't know where is the best background on this theme.. Anyway, I hope you will like it..  :normal-4: [/shadow]

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well..interesting i think..