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i think theres alot of wonderful places in game that would be great to be around and chill at , and many unexplored places , i think it would be nice if there was more teleport masters and bankers and gods givings or even stakes in more towns and in some places empty ive seen many cool mountains and places perfect for towns to be at , so why not create more towns :o and if not possible , can you add atleast a banker and stake to dragons end and the tideborn towns.

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teleport masters everywhere o.o, but bankers aren't as well as god's giving, as for the wooden dummies a GM can spawn one for you if you pm them.

The thing about creating the towns, I don't think it's possible for the GM's to do that mainly because of them working on files that were originally created by PWI(not too sure on this part). Even if they could create towns the amount of work they put in is pretty time consuming and it could be best spent doing other things that help improve the server.

P.S. this should be in suggestion  :rolleyes:

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This was somewhat suggested before and personally, I think it would be a waste of time. Not even sure if it can be done but, pretty much waste of time. I mean, only time you'll actually spend there is when you're afk (unless you just log in to talk, like me x.x)