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UNACCEPTED: written during my high-school days

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[shadow=red,left]At that corner, I used to be alone.

Someone called my name.

I hate it, I want them to leave me alone.

I heard them laugh, I heard them chat.

I looked away, just imagining.

Imagining of the things that made me smile.

Of the happy moments of my life.

Then I felt something hit my head.

It was painful, but yet they laugh at me.

I recognized who did it, he was smiling evilly.

I want to fight back but i was scared.

I just asked myself, What did I ever do to them?

Why did the treat me like this?

Then, out of somewhere I fell the same pain again.

In my shoulder, In my chest, In my face.

They continue to laugh, I cried.

I beg them to stop, I cry off the pain.

I stood, wiping the tears, holding my tummy.

They got back, They ran away.

I felt my eyes burning, and my heart pumping.

In that day I learned nothing but hatred.

I hate them, I hate myself.

I only want a companion, a playmate.

I only want.

A friend.


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That was a beautiful and meaningful poem... Can I hug you?



*knows the feeling*...*hug* Strangely enough, all those bullies disappear after you leave high school and become...what? Nothing but a memory. A painful memory, but nonetheless one. Nowadays, I think back to high school, gather up my breath, and shout at the ruins of our school "Fus Ro Dah!" and pretend like I destroyed the school opposed to it being destroyed by the city. Makes me feel better, knowing that the bullies are beneath the rubble, buried, never to be heard from again.

That was rather lovely, though, I think that a lot of people can relate to this.

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That was wonderful, really nice done. :tiger-4:

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  • They are not strong, you are just too weak...
  • Characters: Fadlazzz
 :normal-4: [shadow=red,left]Thanks[/shadow]