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It feels good to have my doggy snuggle up to my face and lick me until I stop crying and shaking. Why do I say this? I just came down from a massive panic attack and my dog, Alden, pressed his face against mine and snuggled up to me until I stopped crying. It feels good to know that something loves you so much that they're willing to sit out the storm. Speaking of good feels!

It also feels good to have a loving spouse. It's weird, when your mind starts coming apart you start to see things crystal clear. I've come to realize that part of my blessing is here. I have made so many good friends and I wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world. Hell, I even adopted a little brother, although he's only a few years younger than me. So, to everyone, thanks for being awesome. <3


nice pet, nice life. yet mine sucks .-. make me jelly :(

Oh, "I just came down from a massive panic attack" - Hope you is okay.

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I hope you're feeling better <3

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hope you will feel better <3


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U have a very cute little doggy:3 and I'm pretty sure your brother is also very cute :normal-48: not saying anything about you, miss scary-cute-smart person :normal-4:

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