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This patch is another "content update" that adds all kind of new fashion and flights, just as needed fixes and improvements.
2x drop and exp has been activated till Sunday 7pm.

> Patch notes
> Manual patch

Offline Agatio

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Patch notes

Item related:

* 13 new flights - screenshots
* all regular (slow) flights can be now upgraded to a full speed at Flights NPC
* 1 new mount
* around 40 new custom titles and additional ones event-only

* 4 new fashion sets for female and 4 for male (including hairstyles)
* many hairstlyes have been reworked and added as alternate versions
* 20 new and unseen armor sets available now as fashion (please read note below)
* 8 new custom t-shirts + one from previous event
* 8 new football uniforms
* 2 new custom fashion sets for male (Mario & Luigi Outfits)

Fixes and improvements:

* Nation Wars reward pool increased from 140k to 150k Supply Tokens
* Level 110-140 mats can be now exchanged for experience at Martial Arts Master NPC
* Phoenix Valley should no longer fail at the beginning when starting instance with squad member
* Drop of the GV (Rebirth) bosses has been adjusted and improved
* Seamstress now sells random pigments for each main colour (blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green)

* Factions Trials will give now additional Warrior Seals upon completion
* Required contribution for Faction Trials lowered to 800 for all quests (bug fix from previous patch)
* Divine Orders of the Void can be now bought at Materials Storage Vault for required contribution (bug fix from previous patch)
* Faction icons updated
* Other minor fixes

NOTE: Barbarians and Venomencers can only equip their class specific armor fashion. It wasn't possible to enable all armor fashion models for all classes, because corresponding models for Barbarian and Venomancer don't exist.

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thank you sir Agatio :normal-48: :normal-48: :normal-48:

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thank you sir Agatio :normal-48: :normal-48: :normal-48:
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Time to get 150.

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Thanks Aga. Now to update after I get home XD
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There's nobody better.


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Aww, thanks for fashion, miaow

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 :monkey-40: [shadow=red,left]I hope you include fixing the glitches in FS.. [/shadow]

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nice work agatio :-*

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ping and population fields are blank :-\

hope not only for me >:D

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pk dead till sunday


Ty Aga, bestest server.  ^-^

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Great Job Agatio !!