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A New Beginning

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video from today's pk

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Nice vid, sad how that mass dc ruined pk.

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Wow only good psy that makes enjoyable videos. Good music also. Whole package bro. Easy winnering in enemies with the help of allies.

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lol need ally  :shocked:

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Nice video  :smiley:
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Easily Ez'd Bro


Any excuses arti?
Good video, other psy vids are boring but I enjoyed this one

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Any excuses arti?

sad how that mass dc ruined pk.


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lol need ally, too bad i missed that pk.

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After watching noki and cynix psy vids, your vid seem crazily OP/nice/legend as hell.
But by respect for you I will not compare you with these novice.

Decent vid but i'm sure you can do better.

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Nice video. :oo
Inactive 4eva.

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Any excuses arti?
I wasn't on.
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..