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Virtue is TW/PK based faction that is amazing and fun! We communicate in PK or just to have fun talking to each-other with RaidCall now.

  We believe you don't have to know how to pvp to join, and everything can be learned.  A lot of the members in here all know each other so we are all basically a big family.  We are fun to be around and fun to PvP with.

[shadow=turquoise,left]→ Activities?[/shadow]
○ PvP
○ TW
○ NW
○ BH
○ DS
○ Events

[shadow=turquoise,left]→ Requirements?[/shadow]
○ Must be lvl 150 R8r

Easy peasy.

[shadow=turquoise,left]→ Rules?[/shadow]
○ Respect your guild-mates
○ Be active in faction PK
○ No killing your own faction members unless it is fun in both sides
○ Avoid faction drama

[shadow=turquoise,left]→ Officers:[/shadow]
Leader - Sin
Director - Altair
Marshals - MERCYKID | Sixaxis | lawlz   
Executors - SerraAngel | Zooms | Grelle | AddictPuzzy | JuliaCutie | MsChen | timlib | LetYouDown | Razor_Blade | DukeNukeEm | Content | PantyTheif

[shadow=turquoise,left]Contact our officers if you wish to join the family or apply to our site now!!
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Come join Virtue we are super active and the director is the sex.


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Join my alt guild booboos

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join chronika army apply now for virtue

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Good luck with your faction


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                                                                                         Good luck with your faction  ^-^

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Good luck with the process of building your team hope to see you in more pk for the fun aw

There's nobody better.

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So welcoming, loving the faction!!! :P
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We're online & recruiting!


Virtue still recruiting ^_^ apply at virtue-epw.shivtr.com or message any officers in game! Happy Gaming!

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Online & recruiting!

Recruit me Amy !  ;)

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Recruit me Amy !  ;)

Np sweetie, come, leave Arti. We'll receive you with arms wide open.

Lol ya right.

Please never leave Artifex ;.;

- Bump! We're recruiting!  ;)