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Voting system not working

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I play this game from time to time and vote when I have the chance to do so. I would usually vote and gain cubi from voting on the vote sites.

However this has no longer been the case. I vote correctly and still do not receive any cubi. This has happened to me 4 times in a row and I have used vote 1 and vote site 2 but still I receive no cubi!!

I have a brother who is able to use the voting sites to vote and gain cubi and we are both in the same house. we use the same internet connection, IP and everything.   SMH :-[
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Try to vote from other browser/clean cookies&cache on your current one and check. Usually works.

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I've noticed that If i vote while i'm logged in I don't get the gold right away. If i vote while logged off I receive the gold as soon as I log back on. In some cases I don't receive the gold in days. Also, if you are using the same IP address you have to wait the 6hrs/24hrs(was 12hrs) after your brother voted. That might be the issue is the time span. My husband and I share the same IP as well and we have to "share" the voting times. He or I will vote and then 6hrs later the other will vote. It can be pretty annoying :D