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If you weren't on today, MageTank was again unjustly banned. For what reason have our brilliant GM's come up with this time? Trash talking(you know, the thing even our trusty GM's do) in world chat, on a friends account, and nobody saw it.

Now I'm here to ask for, again, what got me muted 3 times in-game:

Please supply evidence of these claims.

Agatio, you claimed you had received a report that MageTank was "vulgarly" trash talking in world chat(the sheer irony of this compared to what we see all day and night is baffling) on Zero's account. I find this hilarious, as I was online when he was on Zero's character, and not once did MageTank speak in world chat. He was talking to us, in our guild chat, about guild related matters. Please, prove me wrong.

Now, even if this was a legitimate claim with backed evidence(which you still haven't supplied, please post it as I requested many times), I don't see how such a thing could lead to a permanent ban of not only every single character he has on every single account, but an IP ban and a mac address ban of his router. This feels all-too personal to me, and just 'disliking' someone(who you don't even know) doesn't justify banning them.

Oh, and don't just do the "I'm a GM, and I'll hide/lock this thread and ban you if you don't follow me like a drone" shit. Do us a favour and reply with actual evidence, or unban him.

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This is a well known occuring problem on all existing private servers. Sadly enough you cannot change people in less than a day. People will cling to friends and groups whether they have GM accounts or not, it's just human nature that people are unfair.

But on the other hand, it's unfair to ban someone based on trashtalking in WC, normal chat, or even their own GC. Why might you say? Well in previous events i've experienced on this particular server trashtalking has never been held as a serious enough threat for banning, if it did the nights where a player (not naming names), was trash talking me based on a photo i post on these forums , would have been banned long ago. How fair is it now that new GMs make whatever rules he/she wishes and now it's the end of the world if someone gets trashed talked.
Quite simply, if you don't like what's being said in the perspective of a player:

Suck it up. It's a game. If someone is trashtalking you either ignore it or BL them. There is no sense stooping to their level and trashtalk back or retailate. Because next thing you know you will get viewed as the "bully". GMs unjustly ban everyday, no way to beat around the bush, but no player deserves permanent ban for something EVERY person does at one point or another in-game, or in real life. A long mute would've been more appropriate OR a temp ban of like 1 hr or so like some GMs use to do to people not heeding the rules.

Honestly, crying about something so small as trashtalking is childish and a waste of better used time to whomever/whatever MT was "trashing".
lol get in line... i have been banned before for insulting a gm that insulted me (lolwut?).

since i've been there i'll let you know whats going to happen and why...

whats going to happen-they won't unbann him, they'll just make him wait it out.
why-because unbanning him requires agatio to look the GM that banned him and tell him you were wrong (which he was) but agatio doesn't have the backbone to do this, so it won't happen.

and for those of you that say "oh you should just pm agatio and let him handle it"
i did and he ignored my pms (forum pms and in game as well) so i did what magetank did, i made a thread about it and made it public.
and you know what happened?
the same thing that happened to him, they deleted my thread, banned me from the forums (as i'm sure they did to him and made me wait out my unjust ban (even though the other gms at the time agreed that it was an unjust and unfair ban).

now i'm saying this knowing full well i'm going to get forum banned for this but lets face it, i stopped caring about the same time people were getting I.P banned for things that should be a mute. (someone has to say the truth right? might as well be someone that quit and doesn't care about getting banned :P)

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I was not online at the time but from what I could tell Agatio did the banning, he locked the thread and told you the pm him, so I should do the same. Also stop spreading false rumors about Skylight, the screenshots of her 'pking' are quite obviously tailored to look so, the damage log is scrolled up to where she hit, and the chat is at the 'you were killed by' and the person wasnt even killed by her.

If you have been previously warned and continue at a later date then the warning is considered given, if you log into other characters and continue, then that does not mean you need a whole new warning issued. It is in the rules section.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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MageTank has been banned before on 1.3.6 for being smart ass, harrasing GMs and starting drama on the World Chat.
Since he came back, he got immmediate ban, but in the end we made an agreement that he will be able to play, but he will receive perma mute on his char.
He couldn't keep the agreement though, he eventually logged on other account to start causing issues, so he got banned.
He also received IP ban after he was logging on the other accounts to start causing even more issues and adding advertisitng other server on top of that.
His ban won't be lifted, so please stop making new threads about it which is against the rules.