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NW crashing on entering

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so i have this problem for few weeks in a row and what i wanted to ask is why i am i getting this problem? everytime im in squad and nw starts, after my squad leader starts NW for our squad for 30 seconds (yes literally 30 seconds, no more no less) my client freezes, disconnects me from server after that and i cannot force log my character for next 5 minutes (again literally 5 minutes), can you tell me what causes it and why does it happen or at least how can i stop it from happening? a friend of mine told me to not use signets before entering nw because it causes to crash, and i restarted client completely before nw and it never fixed a problem.

if you have any idea how to fix this i'd appriciate it, thanks.

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The crashing part I don't know how to fix, but the not being able to log back in for 5 mins is because it takes NW sometime to register your dc after it registers that you have dc'd it will allow you to log back in. Make sure that you have no programs running that can cause a crash or lag. That's really all I know to do. Hope you get it fixed.

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Idk what causes it but i had the same problem for a while.
Now i usualy just wait till 2 or 3 mins after it started to enter.
Most ppl already enterd by that time and i dont crash anymore.
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I have no idea how to fix but I always say with every issue to verify your client.

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i had that crash every 2-3 nw's it is just that server is over flowed with data at 1 moment 250-300 ppl doing the same thing it tends to crash the weaker connections you should wait a few min before entering (the part of it not letting you log in after 5 min) that is cos your char is in a data gap it is nor in nw nor in the world map it is like a server error it takes 5 min to figure out that you dced or you are trying to log back in and that your client isn't in nw to kick your server toon out from it

solution wait a few before entering nw or get better pc

ps : not sure if that is the cause but that is how i assume it happens.

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i dont know if this works for everybody but it does work for me and my team , 30 seconds after nw starts enter with your squad(wait till the people around you enter first)

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1 simple fix is to stand still before porting into NW.
If you've been casting skills or moved around at the exact same timing when Leader will port the squad in, the glitch will take effect.

I've had this too last Friday and knew it was an issue on my end since I couldn't stop healing myself for chi XD

Anyhow, this glitch is also known as the famous "GV Glitch" where the exact same thing will happen.

Just simply stand still and wait for the leader to port you in and you're good to go, else you'll be booted and have to wait a few minutes before being able to relog.
(Force logging is also no option during this glitch)