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Hi people of the interwebs. My name's Violet and I want some freaking friends. XD Well like I said, my name is Violet, I'm 17, but I don't mind hanging out with older people if you don't complain about my age. I'm an artist, I usually prefer to draw anime when I draw. I play EPW, obviously (XD). League of Legends and YGO pro. On YGO I use a harpie deck, if anyone would like to duel. I refuse to fight lightsworm decks though. D:

I watch anime a lot and having a friend who would talk about anime with me without saying spoilers would be great. I've watched Mermaid Melody, Code geass, Fairy tail, One piece, The pet girl of sukarasou or whatever xD, Yamata's first time, Attack on Titan. A lot of other anime's too. OH YEAH Date a live 1 and two. People who enjoy to cosplay are awesome. I want to cosplay Mikasa Akerman, Naruko, Vi from LoL and a few others. I've already cosplayed Jinx but then again so has half the female populations. xD

I'm usually perverted but in a joking way, I'm usually not hitting on people. So someone who doesn't care about that and won't take it as I wanna fck you is great.

I'm bi, but if you're a girl it doesn't mean I like you. I can still be friends with a girl even while being bi.

I'm not the best player on EPW yet and I'm not even level 150, though I will get better. c:

Btw my Skype is jacqueline121298
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Steriods I found you a wife >-> even though this woman is an exact copy of me....cept for the LoL and Yugioh decks and the bisexual part...

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Brah that profile picture, so badass. I have a Boyfriend though. XD So none of that wife stuff from whoever you were talking about. D:

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Welcome to EPW, then. c:
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 ^-^ welcome to here join some random guilds might get u friends n enjoy your stay
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[shadow=red,left]Well, you can pm anyone from our guild if you like, everyone of us is friendly.. XD[/shadow]

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welcome, i will be ur friend  :tiger-40:

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I can always use a friend and Shotime, dw, the PvE wife hunt goes on.

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I guess i just got wet c; lol ;x welcome . Hope u will enjoy your time here ;x  omg ok bb c; ;*

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welcome to epic and its nice to see another open minded free speaker who is honest with personal opinions :)

a lot of people in game have a lot of likes and dislikes.. and there are a lot of off topic threads in forum some are even anime related.. so check it if u find it hard to notice like minded people in game.. which i doubt since a lot of guys already dying to find a good female friend just to talk and play the game together.. best wishes in game and in real life..

Happy gaming have a nice day

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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Welcome and have fun!~  ^-^

You won't really have problems finding friends to be honest. Lots of awesome people here. :-\

Best Regards

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Welcome to EPW  :smiley:

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welcome to EPW  :normal-4: :normal-3:


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dis girl omg my twin

srsly fairy tail? kyaa gray-sama
mermaid melody? omg omg omg i luv hanon ok and and i know all of da songs too (veri few people i know who like mermaid melody)

u will be my 100% twin if u like yaoi

oh and

welcome to epw :-[
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