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Boobie gerls gamers whoop whoop:33333 <33333 xDDDDDD

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So, i don't camp much forum because im not a nerdie gamer, im just the best cuz i was born like that you can contact me if you wanna a 1v1, u will lose for sure anyway,(now my haters fanclub will popup but its ok cuz i have a big heart and there is enough space for you all maddered) and its to one of them, the best one undisputed sin that loves me so much, that i want to dedicate 5 minutes of my life since he spends all his time hating on me and being jelly welly yeah!:D.It just seemed nice.
Ok let's start from the beginning, this sin, which is my idol and i wannabe like him one day of my life,likes alot to 1v1, but likes even more talking about damages, and especially about scores:D Yay(claps please)!He 420-0ed me and Robbert and Vermillion and VEGETA_SS, all at same time, with water gears(or at least thats what he says L3L).
But now a new era has become, and EPW will get rocked by Boobed gerls;333333 xDDDDDD <333333
So far nobody ever brought proofs of the ability of that sin, cuz he moves at light speed, but i was lucky and god slowed down abit for me, so that i could get an autograph and some SS with him.<3333

P.S. Dusted is Vermillion xDDDD










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LOL, verm must be a very strong lady.
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you must be good??????????


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Verm has strong lady parts.

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Upon further inspection of this post, it appears that he died.

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Damn Cynix, leave it up to you to always make me laugh

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There's nobody better.

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Only thing I'm most disturbed of. Is the title.

Gives me a headache.

On-Topic: Lel.

Best Regards

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British asked me to post
[8:54:15 PM] Mark: just post those 1.3 ss's
[8:54:21 PM] Mark: if you want

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So why exactly is he posting some ss where he's not even the one playing? LOL

Areashi is the worst wr possible especially on 1.3 dont mad kiddie you are loser dusted is winner xddddddddddddddddd leoleolelol XdXdDD

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Quoting vermilion since moderated: [20:13:37] Andrei: And still, where's the areashi quote that says something like "come 1v1 me on epw 1.5 server, 1.3 is for noobs"
forgot to ss that or?
+, you must feel proud defeating a guy that played 1.3 for 1-2 days, right?
I don't know why you bring this up since I am not even bothered by it, it's completely fine. I'm not bragging that i'm the best 1.3 player like areashi does with his sin "I am best sin ever". sure

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LOOL WDF this ss  :normal-2:


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areashi rlly thinks he can win vs the best 1 vs 1 sek of the sv ? dammm i fell bad 4 him lololol