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This but with the constitution as the writing.
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This but with the constitution as the writing.
Pretty impressive...and scary to some extent.

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the artist that made that is genius like omg... and the guy that have it oh my... the pain of all that big tatto with every single detail  with the 2 Tattoos that i have atm they were kinda painfull i don't wanna imagine this guy D:


Very nice. I'd get it with a quote from my fave book instead of the constitution. Will be awesome if you get it though; nice tattoo.

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That tattoo will only be seen from a few angles only and it doesn't look as nice without making another tattoo on chest - 5/10 would not make.

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That tatoo is awesome :normal-35:


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WOW! That looks just amazing! That artist is really talented, but it is kinda scary xD