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hi, i was wondering if it would be possible to increase numbers of slots in our account stashes? since when nw patch came with all the cards and god knows what crap, at least for myself it takes me 3 times to relog around and around to transfer stuff from 1 alt to another whether it's gear pills genie card etc etc, because really 2 rows is way 2 small, at least for me, what is that like 20 spots? not sure 100% if 16/18/20 but doesn't matter when it's that small..

so pls make the account stash bigger if that's possible to do

thanks ^-^

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Would be cool to but

Expanding the account stash slots can have possibly bad impact on the database and cause some issues , it's better to leave it as it is now
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Agreed, we need more slot in account trash option,
+ 99999 for this thread


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I agree, but I don`t think will be possible.  +1.  :-[
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