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Hello Everyone o/

My name is Jack, or Zykos/Chuwi/Isidora/Alatheia/Countless others. So i have always put this off, but it is about time I got round to it. For those who don't know us we're kin :D We've been around for a year and 4 months, and still going strong. We have risen and fallen a couple of times, but each time we accomplish something new. Like mass pk v Hangover back in early 2013, or taking and holding Archosaur in TW for 2 months at the end of 2013 :D

But above all else our proudest achievement is the sense of family and fun we have here. Everything we do is for fun and fun we definitely have! And in abundance too! We host unique events, and any that aren't unique are made special in our own little way. My personal favourite is a in game version of British bulldogs that we play in the battle arena.

So a little about the faction. We are Kinship, while the name suggests family, thank god we aren't related. Because our number one favourite activity are either orgies, or spanking. Here you will find one of the only truly fun and unique factions. We are ridiculously open and fun in chat. Our aim is to create a friendly atmosphere and a place where we can meet and just have fun while being laid back. However we can be pretty lethal when we want to be, especially with a whip ;)

Our website is http://kinship.shivtr.com/

Feel free to pop over to join in on our events as almost all of them are public access. And yes this does include the prizes. Whether its pvp, pve, or something else oriented. You can have fun either on our side or against us. And earn EC, ST, Event Tokens, WWI, and other goodies while doing so :D Occasionally we'll advertise events via world chat. However most the time we ask that you create a account on our site for yourself and sign up to them on our forms. Just make sure that you state that you're here for events in the "why do you want to join the kin" section.

However If you would like to give our faction a proper go then feel free to apply normally, Just make sure that you have access to healthcare and lube as we can't promise you won't need it.

Anyway I believe thats all for now, so see you in game all the lovely tigers you ;)
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woot Kinship is awsome!!

The word 'Faction' means different things to different people.
Some insist that you can have only one.
Within Kinship we are many that make a whole.

Words could never tell you
How important our faction family is to us,
Just little things we you do
together especially are the most fun.

We are friendly within our faction,
I got your back
You got mine,I'll help you out

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Good luck with your faction!
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He Conjuring! thanks :D

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Good Luck with your faction, Chuwi  :normal-4:

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Thank you Nicolle  :P  :3

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Good luck with your faction, and happy gaming. :smiley:

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 :Plove u guys thanks for havin me my little love muffins >:D
i like kinship alot!
they didn't just try to randomly recruit me without saying hi first (i really don't like that lol. at least introduce yourself BEFORE trying to recruit. that's just me though lol)
they're pretty active and so far it seems, to me at least, like a family faction
not some "we have to be the best of the best in TW" kinda one lol
i personally don't like those lol
but if you're fairly new or just loooking for a faction to call home, i'd say kinship would be the shoe that fits :D
hope to see you all there!

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I too find random faction invites annoying and had received a lot of them since I started here on EPW a few weeks back. Jackula was the first to actually whisper me, tell me a bit about his faction and ASK if I wanted to join. Who knew such simple methods were so effective. Having not played PW since before the last 2 expansions I had a lot to relearn about the game and about EPW in general. Not only were everyone in Kin very welcoming and helpful in teaching me about the things I knew nothing about they actually took me to events and helped me gear my cleric and educated me about how I should gear it for here on EPW. I really can't thank them enough they have become my family here on EPW and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Great people.
Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful.
Kin does a little bit of everything from PvE events to PK fun and TW training for the future wars.
If your looking for a great bunch of people to laugh and have fun in game with Kin might just be for you too!
Kezabellz ~ Sage Support Cleric
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Trik ~ Demon Farming Slave Sin
Moriwendae ~ Sage Succubus Veno
Keztopia ~ Sage Free Kitty Rides Barb

Marshal and Mistress of Kinship
Become Kin Today <3

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Thanks Shay, and Salim!

Love all the kin :D And the Kezinator is out and about watch out everyone!

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bumping.. We are still recruiting to make our family grow!!

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It's a fun guild , lot of good people :)!